Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device for Diabetic children and their parents

Glucobuddy is a system to allow both child and parent to monitor the child’s blood sugar levels, during the day and night, to prevent Hypoglycemic attacks. Using a non-invasive monitoring technique known as reverse-iontophoresis, as well as fun user interaction, it removes stresses and issues typically associated with such devices. The modern design of the child’s wristband also removes potential stigmatism linked to current diabetic systems. During the day, the child is largely responsible for monitoring their own blood sugar levels, giving them a sense of independence that other devices do not offer. As their blood sugar rises and drops, the character on the screen changes, giving a light hearted feedback to the child. They then know whether to eat something to readjust the balance, and make the character happy again. To keep peace of mind, the parent can access the child’s daytime conditional information remotely through a smart phone app. It allows them to track their day time blood sugar information and also location if the blood sugar drops below a certain level.